Catering to the needs of the Pharmaceutical industry is one of our specialties. As a partner, we know our clients’ requirements and are familiar with the applicable rules governing the industry. This, along with our dedication to providing delicious menu items, exceptional quality, prompt service and great value have made us a premier caterer in this field for over a decade. Details make the difference and again, as your partner, we keep track of all our deliveries so as not to duplicate entrees within a short time frame.

We appreciate the importance of being on time and know our way around the doctors’ offices, hospitals and other facilities in Maryland,D.C., and Virginia. When we arrive your meal is not delivered in bags but set up professionally on a tablecloth and accented with seasonal decor.

Ken Bancroft, Allergan

I have been using Joanne’s Catering services for almost 10 years and it is always a hit with my clients. The food is always top-notch and their signature dish, the strawberry-vinaigrette salad is always recognized and a pleaser.  I love using Joanne’s because they are always on time and never fail to deliver quality, delicious,  healthy food and are a great alternative to the chain food that most other people use.  They’re local, which is great, but have a wide delivery area and never fail to make my events memorable.  I am extremely happy with Joanne’s Catering.