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We are a family owned and operated establishment located in Gaithersburg, Maryland. We have been serving Montgomery County for over 40 years with a comfortable, home style atmosphere, and a very kid friendly environment. We have always been a favorite amongst the locals, beginning in 1970 with our original location in the Twinbrook Shopping Center in Rockville, MD, and now continuing the tradition in Gaithersburg, MD. Using only the freshest ingredients provided by local distributors, our large menu includes; great appetizers, homemade soups and salads, delicious pastas, savory steaks, great seafood, amazing burgers and sandwiches bearing the names of family members and staff, and not to mention home to the world famous Cavalier Style Pizza!!!

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I have been using Joanne’s Catering services for almost 10 years and it is always a hit with my clients. The food is always top-notch and their signature dish, the strawberry-vinaigrette salad is always recognized and a pleaser.  I love using Joanne’s because they are always on time and never fail to deliver quality, delicious,  healthy food and are a great alternative to the chain food that most other people use.  They’re local, which is great, but have a wide delivery area and never fail to make my events memorable.  I am extremely happy with Joanne’s Catering.
Ken Bancroft, Allergan
Hi Joe, we’re Ray and Linda (Robbins) Hilley. Your dad bought your first Gentleman Jim’s restaurant in Twinbrook from my wife’s dad, “Robbie” Robbins when he and her Uncle George Clark had the Combo Restaurant and the Shell Gas Station next to it. We have been eating your fabulous pizzas and your other great food since the 1970’s along with both of our families, including my bother-in-law Scotty Robbins . It was wonderful to talk with you a couple of weeks ago when we came to Maryland from Florida to see friends and family. Your great restaurant was the first place we chose to eat. Now you tell us that we can soon buy your pizzas and have them shipped to us. What wonderful news! If we could just talk you into opening a Gentleman Jim’s Restaurant in Venice, Florida, that would be perfect!
Ray and Linda (Robbins) Hilley
Oooh, somebody take a nice long vacation to America’s finest city (San Diego) to open a Gentleman Jim’s restaurant here. I’ll manage it, you’ll own it. Could start out at lower rent City Heights area, University Avenue or El Cajon Boulevard, (92105, eclectic bar/lounge, car lot, lots of old family businesses, unfinished urban, up and coming, known for small family owned unique delicious restaurants). Man, I really love and miss that incredibly delicious luxurious pizza and all the other indulgent comfort food. GJs is by far one of the best restaurants in all of the DC metro area. Back in the 70s, I would hang out at my best friends house on Saturday night, and his dad would bring home GJs pizza for the family after he finished work (when it was in the little shopping strip on Viers Mill Road) G_d it was soooo good. Later years I would go to the restaurant with my mom and discovered all their other delicious food. Burgers are incredible. GJ’s pizza is the best pizza I’ve ever had, and I’ve had the best of best pizzas in Florence and Rome, so that should tell you something. Please please please, let’s open a Gentleman Jim’s restaurant in San Diego!
Vahn Cooper