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Continental Breakfast Buffet

$8.95 per person

Assorted Bagels with Flavored Cream Cheese
Assorted Fruit Danish ~ Breakfast Muffins ~ Fresh Fruit Salad
Orange Juice, Bottled Water

Coffee Station
(Add $1.00 per person)

Hot Breakfast Buffet

$9.95 per person

“The Old Favorite”
Scrambled Eggs with Choice of one
Sausage ~ Bacon ~ Ham (Two Sides add $1.00)
Home Fries & Breakfast Breads / Fresh Fruit Salad
Orange Juice, Bottled Water

“The Sandwich Plan”

$9.95 per person

Breakfast Sandwiches
Bacon, Egg & Cheese ~ Ham, Egg & Cheese
Sausage, Egg & Cheese

Western Omelet
Served on Mini Croissants, English Muffins
And Assorted toasted Bagels / Fresh Fruit Salad
Orange Juice, Bottled Water

Coffee Station
(Add $1.00)

All Paper Products Included

Breakfast delivery requires 15 person minimum

Lunch Packages

Buffet Plan 1

Single Entrée $10.95 per person…Double Entrée $12.95 per person

The Italian Connection
Choice of Chicken Parmesan over Angel Hair Pasta , Beef Lasagna, Vegetable Lasagna,
or Spinach Alfredo Lasagna served with a Strawberry Almond Salad
and our Parmesan Toasted Baguettes

Buffet Plan 2

$10.95 per person

Gourmet Sandwiches & Wraps
JoAnn’s assorted Gourmet Sandwiches served with Choice of two Sides:
Strawberry Almond Salad, Old Fashion Potato Salad, Macaroni, Tomato & Cheddar Salad,
Italian Pasta Salad, Three Bean Cucumber Salad or Coleslaw…additional sides add $1.50 per person

Croissant Club
Mesquite Turkey Breast and Honey Cured Ham with Lettuce, Tomato, Bacon, American Cheese & Mayo

Chicken Salad & Tuna Salad Croissants
Chicken Salad w/ Shaved Almonds & Grapes & White Tuna Salad
Chicken Fajita, Turkey Cucumber, Chicken Caesar Wraps!

Grilled Portabella
with mozzarella cheese, pesto & grilled vcggies on Flat Bread

Buffet Plan 3

Single Entrée $10.95 per person………Double Entrée per person $12.95

Barbecue Picnic
Smoked North Carolina Style Pork Barbecue or Pulled Barbecue Chicken Breast sautéed in our pineapple barbecue
sauce served with Potato Salad, Carolina Baked Beans & Coleslaw …add a salad $2.00 per person

Buffet Plan 4

Chicken $10.95 pp…..Shrimp $11.95 pp…… Shrimp & Chicken $12.95pp

Flame Roasted Shrimp or Chicken
Gulf Shrimp or Chicken strips simmered in Flame Roasted Onions & Peppers
served atop Rice Pilaf with a Strawberry Almond Salad and Toasted Baguettes
Buffets Include assorted Dessert Tray with Fresh Fruit garnish & all Paper Products

Buffet Plan 6

Single Entrée $10.95…..Double Entrée $12.95

Meatloaf & Baked Ham
Homemade Meatloaf and Flame Broiled Ham Steak Topped with Pineapple
served with Mashed Potatoes Steamed Garden Vegetables, Gravy
and our Strawberry Almond Salad and Rolls

Buffet Plan 7

Single Entrée $10.95 per person…..Chicken & Shrimp $12.95
Chicken Wrapped in Bacon & Shrimp Stir-Fry
Boneless Chicken in a Mushroom Cream Sauce Wrapped in Bacon Baked to a Golden Brown
and Gulf Shrimp with Oriental Vegetables simmered in a tasty Ginger Sauce served
with Rice Pilaf, Strawberry Salad and Toasted Baguettes

Buffet Plan 8

Chicken $10.95 per person…..Shrimp $11.95 per person…Shrimp & Chicken $12.95

Penne’ Alfredo with Shrimp & Chicken
Penne’ Pasta Tossed in a Parmesan Cream Sauce Topped with Sautéed
Chicken & Gulf Shrimp served with a Strawberry Almond Salad & Toasted Baguettes

Buffet Plan 9

$11.95 per person

Gourmet Pizza ~ Wings & Salad
Gentleman Jim’s famous Washingtonian Magazine Award Winning
Pizza topped with Vegetarian & Meat Lovers Favorites served with Tossed
Salad Greens, and a Mound of Crunchy Chicken Wings with Barbecue,
Buffalo Hot Sauce & Blue Cheese for dipping.

Buffet Plan 10

Chicken $11.95…Shrimp $12.95 pp…… Shrimp & Chicken $13.95 pp

Oriental Shrimp & Chicken Stir Fry
Large Gulf Shrimp & Sautéed Chicken Simmered in Oriental Seasonings
with Stir Fried Vegetables & Rice Pilaf served with a Strawberry Almond Salad
and Toasted Baguettes

Buffet Plan 11

Island Skewers
$12.95 per person
Shrimp, and Chicken Sautéed and skewered with pineapple and green peppers
Brushed with our island barbecue sauce served with Rice Pilaf, toasted baguettes & choice of one side:
steamed mixed Vegetables or our Strawberry Almond Salad (Two Sides add $2.00 per person)

Buffet Plan 12

Gourmet Salads & Soup De’ Jour
Chicken $10.95 per person…Shrimp $11.95 per person…Chicken & Shrimp $12.95

Choice Of Two
Strawberry Almond Salad, California Salad, Caesar Salad or Spinach Salad
Topped with Choice of Sautéed Shrimp or Grilled Chicken Breast served with our Soup of the Day
& toasted baguettes

Buffet Plan 13

Chicken Fajita Fiesta
$12.95 per person
Fajita Seasoned Chicken Tossed with Sautéed Peppers & Onions served with Flour Tortillas ,
Sides of Shredded Cheese, Jalapeños, Sour Cream & Salsa. Buffet includes Black Beans & Rice
and Cheezy Refried Beans…. Substitute Shrimp add $1.00.. Add a Salad $2.00 per person

Fresh Fruit Salad…$2.50 per person

Buffets Include assorted Dessert Tray with Fresh Fruit garnish & all Paper Products

6 % Sales Tax will be added to the final bill, Delivery & Set up Charge May Apply
Assorted Sodas, Iced Tea, & Bottled Water with Ice add $1.25 per person